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Vision Properties LLC was formed in 2018 by partners, Rich Audet and Michelle Bourgeois, as a way for us to combine and to share our over 25 years of experience in the real estate and construction fields. We have experience renovating homes in various states of disrepair and neglect, as well as remodeling and preparing outdated homes for resale. 


Our mission is to utilize our skills as a service to others who find themselves needing to quickly sell their property in any condition. Many times these instances are due to circumstances such as foreclosure, divorce, or inheritance.  We will assess your property and will provide you with a fair and reasonable, no obligation, offer in a timely fashion. Your property will be purchased as is, freeing you from the burden of costly repairs and fees. It is also our goal to provide you with professional and courteous communication throughout the entire process, and to form a mutually-beneficial and lasting relationship with you as well. 

We are located in Northeastern Connecticut, also known as the Quiet Corner, bordering Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  We enjoy living here and raising our two children (now young adults) in this beautiful part of the state, primarily due to the quality of life found here through its vast natural resources, its vibrant downtown Putnam, and the surrounding towns that retain a rural and reminiscent vibe from days gone by. Yet, we are close to Boston, NYC, Providence and Hartford.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  We appreciate the opportunity to assist and to serve you, and we look forward to answering your questions and assessing your property. 


Sincerely, Michelle Bourgeois & Rich Audet


Please call or text us at: 860-933-3751 * Have a great day!

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